Dear Reader,

My name is Adele Leigh, and I wrote a book that I would like you to read. The Lupanarium is about two enslaved prostitutes in a speculative Ancient Rome who are brainwashed to eat and sleep only after sex. The heroine, Matt-Lin, is a surly teenage girl who’s an expert in survival. The hero, Jak, is the world’s most profitable male sex slave, born for lovemaking, but never permitted to love.

I started writing The Lupanarium as a romance erotica, but I suppose my views of love and sex are messed up because what I ended up writing was more about how love and sex are often used as tools of control and domination in abusive relationships. Readers will recognize this kind of relationship if they have been abused by a parental figure, a partner, an employer, or colleague. They will recognize it in the relationship that manifests between a corrupt government or religious organization and its people. This relationship is made even more apparent when looking at the one between human traffickers and their victims—where the body becomes capital to exploit. In The Lupanarium, the first in the book series The Many Trials of Matt-Lin and Jak, love is a concept allowed only for the elite and sex a means of survival for the powerless. If a romance novel is about two people falling in love, this book is about two abuse survivors learning how to love.

The first few chapters are violent but I promise, as the series progresses, things only get better for my little survivor Matt-Lin and my big love monster Jak. So please, enjoy my book with a hug, but also a big, fat trigger warning.

Kisses and cuts,

Adele Leigh

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Chapter 1: Monster Fuks Maiden